Crossover Tool Boxes

Crossover tool boxes are top-mount boxes that are installed in the front of the bed against the back of the cab. These crossover tool boxes can be mount across the bed over the side rails. They will have either a single lid that opens toward the cab or two gull-wing lids that each open toward the center. Each lid is designed for a smoother and more functional experience.

Intercon Truck Equipment brings a great price to every style of UWS crossover tool box!

Crossover Truck Tool Box Types:

  • Low Profile tool boxes
  • Slim Line tool boxes
  • Angled tool boxes
  • Deep tool boxes

The Crossover tool box is one of the most popular models due to its strength and security that is meant to fit your every day work.

The Crossover tool box is the perfect tool box to add strength and security to every day life. Each Crossover tool box is built with self-closing lid technology and a patented fully foamed outer layer to prevent bending and warping. Also, inside of each Crossover Tool Box is two extra strength tool trays and three compartment item drawers for better internal organization. 

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