Angled Crossover Tool Boxes

Angled Crossover Tool Boxes provides you with the same level of reliability present in the standard models but with a unique angled design intended to fit specific truck beds. The patented foam, sealing technology ensures that the angled crossover truck tool box will stay warp free for years to come. Even installation is easy with the pre-drilled mounting slots and hardware included with purchase. 

Angled Crossover Tool Boxes are designed to fit into almost any truck cab in an easy to access and structurally sound manner. With UWS Angled Crossover Tool Boxes you can choose from the great styles of low profile, slim-line, or deep tool box design.

The level of security that UWS truck tool boxes provide are unmatched with their stainless steel lock handles and Micro-seal stripping technology to keep out dust and dirt.  

Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to your choice in truck tool boxes, at Intercon Truck Equipment we only provide products and services that we know won’t disappoint. 

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