Standard Crossover Tool Boxes

Standard Crossover tool boxes are top-mount and are installed in the front of the bed against the back of the cab. These cross-body boxes mount across the truck bed over the side rails. They will have either a single lid that opens toward the cab or two gull-wing lids that each open toward the center, making access easier from either side of the vehicle. 

Within the Standard crossover tool boxes category there are slim-line crossover tool boxes, the standard crossover tool box varieties, and deep crossover tool boxes. 

All UWS tool boxes are made in the USA.

UWS truck tool boxes provide an unmatched level of security with their stainless steel lock handles and Micro-seal stripping to keep out dust and dirt.  

Don’t settle for anything less when it comes to your choice in truck tool boxes, at Intercon Truck Equipment we only provide products and services that we know won’t disappoint. 

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