Notched and Wedged Utility Tool Boxes

Designed to sit against the back of the truck cab, Wedge Utility Tool Boxes will provide rust-free safety and security to your most valuable items. The aluminium, one-piece design of the lid helps to create an impact resistant surface to ensure that there will be no damage from tool drops and no leakage.

The notched wedge utility tool boxes is perfectly angled to be optimized for your vehicle’s specific size needs. The patented UWS foam design will keeps all wedge utility tool boxes from bending or warping even in the roughest conditions. The wedge design will offer you the perfect solution to all of your storage based needs. 

Your tools, equipment, accessories, and valuable possessions will all be safe and secure behind the stainless steel locks and the extra-thick aluminum construction of every UWS truck tool box. The interior rod system of every UWS tool box helps to ensure that all the internal parts are just as strong the exterior. 

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