We’re lead to believe the concept of the Dump body was first realized in the farms of 19th century western Europe. Thornycroft, a UK-based vehicle manufacturer, developed a steam dust-cart in 1896 with a tipper mechanism. The first motorized dump vehicles in the United States were developed by small equipment companies such as The Fruehauf Trailer Corporation, Galion Buggy Co. and Lauth-Juergens among many others around 1910. Hydraulic dump beds were introduced by Wood Hoist Co. shortly after. Such companies flourished during World War I due to massive wartime demand. August Fruehauf had obtained military contracts for his semi-trailer, invented in 1914 and later created the partner vehicle, the semi-truck for use in World War I. After the war, Fruehauf introduced hydraulics in his trailers. They offered hydraulic lift gates, hydraulic winches and a dump trailer in the early 1920s. Fruehauf became the premier supplier of dump trailers and their famed “bathtub dump” was considered to be the best by heavy haulers, road and mining construction firms.

Companies like Galion Buggy Co. continued to grow after the war by manufacturing a number of express bodies and some smaller dump bodies that could be easily installed on either stock or converted (heavy-duty suspension and drivetrain) Model T chassis prior to 1920. Galion and Wood Mfg. Co. built all of the dump bodies offered by Ford on their heavy-duty AA and BB chassis during the 1930s. Galion (now Galion Godwin Truck Body Co.) is the oldest known truck body manufacturer still in operation today.

The first known [Canadian] dump truck was developed in Saint John, New Brunswick when Robert T. Mawhinney attached a dump box to a flat bed truck in 1920. The lifting device was a winch attached to a cable that fed over sheave (pulley) mounted on a mast behind the cab. The cable was connected to the lower front end of the wooden dump box which was attached by a pivot at the back of the truck frame. The operator turned a crank to raise and lower the box. Thus, the first dump bed apparatus on a wheeled vehicle was patented in Canada.

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Intercon is a premier distributor, manufacturer, service, repair and parts one-stop shop for all your truck equipment needs. We represent the most reliable product lines within their respective industries. Our customers trust in the Intercon team to provide the knowledge, craftsmanship and expertise expected from an industry leader.

Air-Flo’s growth and success is attributed to the company’s manufacturing core objectives that the original founding brothers developed. The focus on innovative design, quality construction, and competitive pricing has served the company well in the past, and continues as a guide today.

Not only does Alum-Line always have staff on hand to promptly take care of customer needs, but they also have a fully stocked parts department, a full service shop for repairs and installations, and a five year workmanship warranty—a repair form is even available online.

Beau-Roc Inc. manufactures premium dump bodies for a wide range of customers and applications, uniquely combining efficient processes for fast order turnaround with the use of the highest quality materials for products customized to meet specific customer requirements.

Crysteel‘s commitment to quality and innovation directly benefits its hoist, dump truck body and platform body customers. Crysteel has implemented lean production principles into its manufacturing processes over the years, and these principles have helped Crysteel provide higher-quality products, as well as shorten lead times.

Today, aluminum trailers account for more than 40% of all recreational trailers. DuraMag‘s  management team drove that change by developing and marketing superior aluminum trailers that sold at steel prices. Their focused effort resulted in the creation of the largest manufacturer of aluminum recreational trailers in North America.

For more than 40 years, Pennsylvania based EZ-Dumper has designed and manufactured well-built and durable hydraulic dump inserts that have helped people save time, reduce costs, and improve their overall efficiency and performance on the jobsite.

Galion specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of high quality truck equipment such as carbon steel and stainless steel dump bodies which exceed the demands of both public and private industry. Galion-Godwin also manufactures Champion underbody hoists.

Godwin Manufacturing Company Inc. is the original member of the nations largest family-owned truck equipment manufacturer, The Godwin Group. From its humble start in the backyard of a residential neighborhood, Godwin has earned its place at the top.

Henderson Products, Inc. is one of North America’s leading manufacturers and upfitter of heavy-duty municipal snow and ice work truck equipment; additionally, they manufacture dump bodies that are predispositioned to hold dump bodies.

Rugby is North America’s leading designer and manufacturer of Class 3 – 7 dump truck bodies, landscape bodies, platform bodies, truck and trailer hoists, related truck equipment and accessories.

Smith Metal Works of Newark, Inc. was founded as a steel fabrication business that specializes in welding, fabrication, and machining. While general industrial repairs and custom fabrication remains a large portion of our business, it was recognized that to expand sales it would be necessary to add a product line.

TruckCraft builds bodies and equipment for the market comprised of pickup trucks up to, and including Class 5 one-tons. TruckCraft markets through a network of 135 dealers with more than 160 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

Warren, Inc. (WI) manufactures a full line of dump bodies in Collins, MS. Warren is committed to provide their customers supreme products; additionally, they are persistent in keeping up with modern machine tools and welding equipment.