A hydraulic liftgate is permanently installed on the rear of your work truck or van. The liftgate is necessary to facilitate the safe handling of materials from a loading dock or the ground up to the level of the truck bed. When choosing a liftgate, it is important to know the weight of your intended freight, as well as the maximum capacity of the liftgate; Additonally, under no circumstances should you overload the platform. Last, check your liftgate daily before you load it to make sure it is working properly. Intercon has been installing and maintaining equipment like this for over 20 years, so we are uniquely qualified to help you choose the proper liftgate for your vehicle and working application. Call or request a quote today.

In their mission to lower maintenance costs and equipment downtime, Anthony Liftgates has pioneered industry firsts like dual motors, service free sliders, fully assembled shipment, positive electrical connections, corrosion-resistant materials, JIC fittings, and potted control switches.

Since 1957, when Max Lugash invented the first Tuk-A-Way lift, Maxon Liftgates been driven by innovation. This drive has led them to develop a leading suite of products to best meet a wide variety of needs.

PALFINGER Liftgates entered the North American market under the Interlift brand in 1993, with operations in Cerritos, CA. Due to rapid growth, PALFINGER has become a leading North American manufacturer of hydraulic liftgates.

Thieman Tailgates, Inc. markets a full-line of hydraulic liftgates for light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks and trailers. Toplifters, Stowaways, Railgates, Sideloaders, and Conventional models are all part of the Thieman line-up. 

The state-of-the-art Tommy Gate factory houses five different assembly lines as well as developmental engineering and testing departments and is located on the same piece of ground where every Tommy Gate hydraulic lift has been produced for over 45 years.

Waltco combined the engineering, sales and service expertise of Waltco and Ultron into one organization that offers several distinct benefits they like to call the Waltco Advantage.