Underbody Hoists


Truck hoists are hydraulic or pull-chain systems that raise or tilt the bed of a truck, as in a dump truck. Underbody hoists are typically hydraulic, and are located directly below the truck’s bed. An underbody hoist lifts up the bed of a truck via one or two hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders expand at an angle toward the back of the truck, causing the bed to tip backward and dump out its contents. Underbody hoists are manufactured for a variety of different small and mid-sized trucks. These hoists are typically available for trucks measuring anywhere from 5 to 12 feet long, measured from the cab to the trunnion.

In addition to a hydraulic cylinder or cylinders, underbody hoists consist of a frame, a hydraulic pump and hoses, and a multi-gallon hydraulic reservoir. These hoists are designed so that they add only minimal body weight and size to a truck.

Champion Hoist

Dedicated to perfection and continuing to lead the industry, Champion Hoist & Equipment has a low tolerance for defects and a strong desire for quality craftsmanship to ensure customer satisfaction. With over 100 years of hoist manufacturing experience borrowed from affiliated companies Godwin Mfg., and Galion Truck Body Co., Champion hoists are well developed and industry proven. Champion offers options that other hoist manufacturers simply cannot. Among them being Zinc powder primer under already standard Powder Coat paint. All Champion hoists are manufactured in the USA and covered under a 3 year warranty.

To ensure longevity beyond the 3 year warranty, Champion hoists are quality built using premium quality ASTM certified materials. We also manufacture our own fully welded cylinders using state of the art technology. Champion Hoist & Equipment is an affiliate of The Godwin Group and offers nearly 60 truck and trailer hoist models.


Crysteel’s commitment to quality and innovation directly benefits its hoist, dump truck body and platform body customers. Through the years, Crysteel has implemented lean manufacturing principles into its manufacturing processes. These programs have helped Crysteel eliminate waste and provided great value to its customers in the form of higher quality products and shorter lead times.

Crysteel’s investment in the latest manufacturing technologies, as well as a team of highly skilled engineers and certified welders, ensures that each product is manufactured at the highest quality level possible. Each customer, in turn, receives the best designed, built and performance driven product in the industry. It also puts new product development at the forefront of Crysteel’s manufacturing model, setting the stage for better, more innovative products in the future.

Venco Venturo Industries LLC

Collins Associates, Inc. was founded in 1952 by Arden “Art” Collins, and grew into the largest manufacturer’s representative agency in the truck body and equipment industry.

In 1964, Art formed the Truck Equipment & Body Distributors Association, which became the National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA). Today, the NTEA represents thousands of companies across the country that manufacture, distribute, install, sell and repair commercial trucks, truck bodies, truck equipment, trailers and accessories.

Ron and Larry Collins assumed ownership from their father in 1978. The Venco liftgate line was acquired in 1979, and the company added a full line of scissors hoists for pickups, flatbeds and dump bodies in 1981. In 1989, they acquired an electric crane manufacturer, further expanded the product line to include hydraulic cranes and crane bodies, and officially changed the company’s name to Venturo Manufacturing, Inc. In 1994, Brett and Scott Collins (Ron and Larry’s sons, respectively) joined Venturo. In late 2011, Brett was named President and Scott, Vice President of Operations.

In September 2013, Brett Collins, Dave Foster and Mike Strittholt purchased Venco/Venturo Manufacturing, Inc. becoming majority owners, the name was changed to Venco Venturo Industries LLC and today, they manage the best team in the crane and hoist business. Recent product line expansions for Venturo include the all-new van cranes, exclusive U.S. distribution of Ferrari Articulating Cranes, and distribution of the BOSS line of air compressors.

Harsh International Inc - Hoists

Harsh‘s New Generation Cylinders are now equipped with the latest in technology, which offers:

  • Double Stage Sealing
  • High Working Pressure – up to 3,800PSI
  • Maximum Lift Capicity 30,000KGS
  • Contamination Repelling Gland Nuts

What makes the Harsh hoist your first choice?

  • Harsh hoists are manufactured 100% in the United States, from scissor frame to cylinders.
  • The Harsh hoist is supported by the largest network of certified dealers/installers WORLD WIDE
  • Patented World ORIGINAL Stabilized Under-floor Hoist
  • Trusted Supplier for NASA Space Programs and the US Military
  • Highest Quality Ensured by the Utilization of the Latest in High-Tech robots, lasers, CNC machinery, Solid Modeling all supported by highly trained and very talented people
  • Unmatched Safety with CE Documentation
  • New Seals and Gland Nuts Designed to Offer Enhanced Longevity and Performance
  • Chrome Stages – micro-crack technology plus precision grinding and polishing for unmatched finish for optimum sealing surface.
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty


A precision engineered Palfinger hoist to fit your needs for any truck, for both dump body and platform applications. The torsional stability of the Olympic series offers more rigidity than conventional front-mounted telescopic hoists – reducing instability. The patented frame stop restricts the hoist from traveling over center and prevents the cylinders from bottoming out. The stability of the hoist frame and unique pivoting cylinder saddle design eliminates unwanted side loading on the hydraulic cylinders.