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Air-Flo’s mission is to provide the best designed and finest built truck equipment through the support of their outstanding and knowledgeable personnel. Air-Flo will consistently meet and exceed all dealer expectations, to be the very best supplier of product and service to their dealer partners.

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  • Modern styled body with a classy look and superior strength and durability
  • GA steel body is fully welded using a skilled mig welding technique that ensures smooth, replica rolex daytona strong and high quality welded seam joints. The 1/4″ AR-400 crossmemberless floor adds additional strength to an already massive body
  • Heavy duty crossmemberless body is supported with 1/4″  trapezoidal longitudinal members running the full length of the dump body.
  • High capacity Underbody Hoist with 8″ lift cylinder provides ample load lifting for the heaviest of loads
  • Large floor to side corners for the best in clean dumping operations
  • Standard rugged 6 panel tailgate is double acting and includes flush mounted upper tailgate hinges
  • Easily shed misplaced loaded dirt with its dirt shedding top rail, rub rail and rear corner posts

Tackle the most demanding jobs in style. The Pro-Max  looks as great as it performs. The body is fully welded into a strong, solid unit. Some of the features include: dirt-shedding boxed top rail, full depth rear corner posts and massive 6 panel tailgate. Pro-Max is the best choice for the job!


The classy Pro-Max combines great looks and great strength with rugged durability.


The underbody hoist is a solid design Class 50 Series, that combines solid reliability with superior load lifting power.


The exceptional durability of the Pro-Max is enhanced by the standard 6-panel tailgate, full depth rear corner posts, and flush mounted tailgate hinges.


  • Horizontal lines and gussets have smooth rounded corners for a classy modern appearance.
  • Body sides are constructed of (2) sheets of 10 ga. steel for unsurpassed strength and durability.
  • Double wall sides form a fully boxed top rail and include 45º sloped, dirt shedding subrails.
  • The 94” wide body is fully welded and made of 10 ga. steel throughout.
  • Exclusive Quick-Latch tailgate latching system makes tailgate operations simple and easy.
  • The body under structure is built with 3” structural steel channels spaced every 12” and supported by 5” structural channel longitudinals.
  • High lift capacity scissor hoist with factory installed body prop is standard equipment.

The Pro-Class Series Body combines great looks with rugged durability. The body features dual side wall construction with a full welded boxed top rail for exceptional strength. The smooth clean lines of the Pro-Class will match perfectly with any modern chassis and will give you years of dependable service.


Air-flo’s single handle tailgate latching system provides smooth and efficient operation of the tailgate latch with the passenger side tailgate mounted, single handle.


Pro-Class body with drop side options. Hinged sides drop completely vertical. Sides can be easily removed to convert your dump body to a flat bed type body.


Stainless Steel Pro-Class Option. Double sidewall construction with polished 304 stainless steel throughout will keep this unit shining for years!


The advanced designed scissor hoist provides unmatching load lifting power with load dumping stability. 


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  • Stable and safe. This body has a low center of gravity while spreading, much lower than a body that raises forward, rearward or to the side. It is even lower than a hopper spreader, for a safe and stable load on icy roads.
  • Simplicity. Because the body does not need additional hydraulic / mechanical systems to tip it forward or to the side – it can use simple efficient, and conventional dump body and spreader hydraulics. This pays benefits in decreased maintenance requirements.
  • Strength. Massive 12” structural steel body longitudinals also form the sides of the conventional conveyor. 1/4” thick AR-235 conveyor floor is supported by 4” structural steel interlaced I-Beam, making this floor/body system the strongest of all multi-purpose bodies.
  • Versatility. This body is first and foremost a heavy duty dump body. The traditional square flat floor design allows for hauling any type of material, including sidewalk and curb concrete, concrete catch basins, pallets, barrels, tree limbs and rip rap. The conveyor can discharge any aggregate for ice control, shoulder repair gravel, or asphalt.

The Flo ‘N Dump was designed to be a simple, strong and versatile unit. The Flo ‘N Dump is first and foremost a heavy duty dump body. Incorporated into the design is a 34” wide center mounted conveyor that moves ice control material to the rear through the tailgate or to the front through a chassis frame chute. The Flo “N Dump is ready to be used as either a dump body or ice control spreader – at a moments notice! When dangerous, icy conditions demand stability…the Flo ‘N Dump lets you spread loads safely – while the body remains down on the chassis.


The tremendous strength of the body along with the flat floor allows for hauling virtually anything – like rip rap, barrels or pallets.


The Flo ‘N Dump is available in 304 Stainless Steel. This low maintenance model will never need painting and will keep on shining for many years of trouble-free service.


Double sidewall construction with polished 304 stainless steel throughout will keep this unit Optional Front Spread Model features exclusive chassis frame chute.


  • Safe and stable, with a lower center of gravity and more even distribution of material while spreading, as compared to a body that raises forward, rearward or to the side, allowing for a safe and stable load on icy roads.
  • Simplicity, because the body does not need additional hydraulic or mechanical systems to tip it forward or to the side; it can use simple, efficient, and conventional dump body and spreader hydraulics. This pays benefits in decreased upfit costs and maintenance requirements.
  • State-of-the-art crossmemberless 1/4” AR-400 floor, and trapezoidal longitudinals combined with original Flo’N Dump body design, result in a massively strong multi-purpose dump body with very low maintenance requirements.
  • The UNI-BODY is an extra-heavy-duty flat floor dump body with a center conveyor capable of transporting almost any object or material. The UNI-BODY can be used for conveying ice control material, cold or hot mix asphalt, shoulder repair material, or any other road repair aggregate. The flat floor design provides significantly higher capacity than rounded bodies and V box designs of equal length and provides greater stability than bodies that need tip to the side, front and or back  in order to convey material.

The UNI-BODY has taken the same rugged design principles as our original Flo’N Dump, added a state-of-the-art crossmemberless floor with trapezoidal longitudinals, and has created the next  generation of multi-purpose dump bodies. Designed not only to be a simple, strong and versatile unit, the crossmemberless floor lowers the overall weight and reduces maintenance requirements. 


Incorporated into the design is a 34” wide center mounted conveyor with trapezoidal longitudinals that allows the movement of ice control materials to the rear through the tailgate or to the front through a chassis frame chute. The UNI-BODY is ready to be used as a dump body or an ice control spreader, at a moments notice.


The tremendous strength of the body combined with the flat floor design allows for hauling virtually any product or aggregate. The square design with the flat floor gives the UNI-BODY a 40% increase in load carrying capacity over bodies with rounded or spreader shaped designs, and when spreading, the lowest center of gravity of any multi-purpose dump body.


With the front spread side discharge option, the body does not need additional hydraulic or mechanical systems to tip the body forward or to the side. This not only keeps the center of gravity low and the load balanced within the body, it also allows for the use of simple, conventional and efficient dump body and spreader hydraulic controls.


  • Now available! The original center conveyor dump body for the light duty chassis series.
  • Manufactured of 304 Stainless Steel the Pro-Com combination body will ensure long life and low maintenance.
  • Modern design with uni-body construction eliminates crossmembers. A low mount hoist with flat floor design ensures a lower center of gravity for a safer, more stable load.
  • Allows for quick and efficient maintenance operations without the labor and time involved with traditional equipment. A single unit can be used for: a dump body, spreading ice control material, cold or hot mix patching, mulch and topsoil work. The uses of the Pro-Com are virtually endless.

Unique Uni-Body construction with a center conveyor design makes this body a true workhorse. Lightweight, yet strong, the Pro-Com can handle a variety of tasks – from hailing aggregates to spreading ice control material to road repair. The Pro-Com is the best multi-purpose body for any job!

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30” wide conveyor with double bar flight chain ensures smooth and even distribution of any ice control material.


Trapezoidal longitudinals enable a lower center of gravity and eliminates cross members.



  • Cutting Edge Length: 11′
  • Overall Length: 12′ 6″
  • Nose Height: 30″
  • Discharge Height: 54″
  • Moldboard: 8 Gauge Steel
  • Trip Spring: (5) Torsion
  • Weight: 2185 Lbs
  • MODEL: AF-OWP-11-30

The Air-Flo One Way Snowplow delivers unsurpassed plowing performance. The heavy duty moldboard is designed for efficient high speed plowing and will provide many years of trouble free service.


  • Length: 11′
  • Cutting Edge Length: 9′, at 35 degrees
  • Height: 36″
  • Moldboard: 8 Gauge Steel
  • Weight: 1975 Lbs
  • Model: AF-RTE-11-36

The Air-Flo Reversible Trip Edge Snow Plow features an adjustable pitch moldboard, torsion trip spring design and dual reverse cylinders. This heavy duty plow with trip edge design will deliver efficient high speed plowing through the toughest winter snow.


  • Cutting Edge Length: 10′
  • Nose Height: 27″
  • Discharge Height: 36″
  • Moldboard: 8 Gauge Steel
  • Wing Braces: 2
  • Weight: 2678 Lbs
  • Model: AF-WSP-11-27

The Air-Flo Wing Snowplow features an 8″ I-beam front post, dual telescoping wing braces, and trip moldboard design for unmatched performance and durability.  This heavy duty wing plow system is designed and built for the toughest winter snowplowing challenges.


AF-2000 (Ice Control Spreaders)

  • Fully welded hopper and gussets.
  • 45° sloped sides and 23° sloped front & rear panels allow for ease of material flow.
  • Rear feedgate doorcontrolled by a self-locking screwjack handle.
  • Fully enclosed material chute with 4 externally adjustable deflectors and two internal baffles, all adjustable without tools. Diverter chute enclosed for quick unloading.
  • Chute is vertically adjustable in 3” increments and can swing above the bottom of the conveyor for ground or bulk storage.
  • 20” spinner discsupplied with 6  removable fins.
  • Spinner and conveyor powered by independent high speed hydraulic motors for efficient operation.
  • 24” wide conveyor chain with bolt in bedplate and spring loaded chain take ups.

PSV Spreader


  • Separate electric motors power conveyor and spinner.
  • Highly efficient conveyor drive ensures low amp draw and is patent pending.
  • Cab control includes independent and variable conveyor & spinner speed with blast control.


  • Completely Self-Contained unit includes electric clutch, electric throttle and 12 volt battery with a self contained electrical system.
  • Powered by the Briggs & Stratton ‘Intek’ 10.5 HP I.C. Engine or HP Honda engine.

PSV units are constructed with poly hopper sides or one piece 304 stainless steel hopper sides and conveyor, stainless steel conveyor bottom, single lift point and internal stainless steel bracing. Units come standard with Top Screens, Inverted ‘V’ and Hold Down Kit.

MSS (SST Sand Spreader)

  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Rubber Belt Conveyor
  • 12 Volt Electric Motor
  • 6.5 Cubic Foot Capacity
  • Easy Mount/Dismount
  • Economical to Maintain
  • Rugged Construction

This rugged compact spreader will spread anything  –  even wet sand. With it’s simple electric drive and rubber belt conveyor  –  it is  ready to tackle your most demanding ice control jobs.

This is a small overview of the products Air Flo has to offer. For the full selection of their products, and all accompanying details, visit Air-flo’s website.