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Employment Opportunities


Achilles Southern

Achilles was an important part of the Intercon family for his entire life. He was by far the goodest boi.

Jason Carroll

Jason oversees all aspects of digital design for ITEParts.com including graphics, marketing materials, product templates and finished product photography. Jason also maintains much of the ITE Parts/Intercon Truck Equipment social media presence and has been a key player in the redesign of this website as well as the development of iteparts.com. Jason continues with page design and layout as well as writing copy for new pages.

Timothy Hennick

Marketing and Communications
Timothy oversees our marketing and focuses on developing advertising campaigns for social media, as well as email newsletters, and Google Ads.

Timothy is currently attending Towson University as a Public Relations and Integrated Communications Major.

Mark A. Mihniak

Project Manager
Mark currently oversees the technology team at ITEParts/Intercon Truck Equipment (Maryland). Including general operations, marketing strategies, product development and website maintenance as well as order processing and customer service (for iteparts.com). Mark oversees all aspects of website design for both intercontruck.com and iteparts.com and maintains the databases and software necessary to keep both sites running. Mark also assists with page design and layout as well as writing copy for new pages. Mark also oversees the marketing programs for both intercontruck.com and iteparts.com.

Austin Southern

Product Development
Austin focuses on the product development side of ITEParts and all necessary information that is involved with our parts and equipment, including high-quality images, detailed descriptions, accurate pricing and correct weight/shipping information.

Jeffrey Niedzwiecki

Jeffrey assists in product development, and oversees tasks including Search Engine Optimization, product maintenance, pricing strategies, and performance analytics.

Jeffrey is currently attending Towson University as a Business Major.