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Gene Roarty

Gene started his career in service at Watkins Motors in 1977 and soon after that, he moved to sales. After 18 years at Watkins, he went to Nucar Chevy as Truck Manager and was there for 15 years. He has worked in the automotive paint industry and, before coming to Intercon in 2013, worked as a salesman for Ransom International. As General Manager, Gene handled day-to-day operations of Intercon Truck including inside sales.

We at Intercon Truck Equipment are devastated by the passing of our family member Gene Roarty on February 13, 2018. He has worked with us for the last 5 years as the best general manager any company ever had. Words are inadequate to explain the sadness and the emptiness we all feel here. Gene has been one of Intercon’s greatest attributes, he has taken our company to a level that far exceeded anything we could have ever imagined. Gene is one of the reasons for our recent success and was a driving force behind our recent expansion. For that, we thank him from the bottom of our hearts. He was always there when you needed him for anything. You didn’t even need to ask.

Please join us in our prayers on behalf of Gene’s family: his wife Dory, daughters Melinda and Jessica, along with his Mother Helen, and brothers and sisters. May God bless them in their time of need and help in some small way to ease their pain. Gene was their everything and their loss is tremendous.

We are proud to go forward with what Gene has helped to create and his loss will be felt throughout our organization for years to come.


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