Stake Bodies are perfect for truck loads that do not require solid walls or roofs to cover them. These bodies are typically used for the transportation of bulky and solid items that can survive mild weather, such as landscaping equipment or construction apparatuses. Most Stake Bodies allow for the removal of one or all of the Stake walls, which would convert it into a simple Platform Body. This allows for easier loading and unloading, while giving you greater flexibility for strapping and securing. As seen in our Gallery, Intercon Truck Equipment is capable of outfitting a Platform/Stake Body with any arrangement of straps, toolboxes, or whatever else you might need to do your job as efficiently and stylishly as possible.

Intercon is a premier distributor, manufacturer, service, repair and parts one-stop shop for all your truck equipment needs. We represent the most reliable product lines within their respective industries, and our customers trust in the Intercon team to provide the knowledge, craftsmanship and expertise expected from an industry leader.

For over 20 years, CM Truck Beds has built a quality product at a value price that is unsurpassed. Known throughout North America, their products have dependability and style proudly displayed in each of their truck bed models.

DuraMag: The finest Truck beds. Period. Affordably priced at or lower than inferior steel beds. Backed by a 5-year warranty — the Best in the industry. All aluminum, no rust, higher payload, better mileage, and less maintenance.

Godwin Manufacturing Company Inc. is the original member of the nations largest family-owned truck equipment manufacturer, The Godwin Group. From its humble start in the backyard of a residential neighborhood, Godwin has earned its place at the top.

With a legacy of American manufacturing pride, new forward-thinking leadership, and innovative new products and features, Parkhurst is well-positioned to be North America’s premiere truck body supplier. 

Rugby is North America’s leading designer and manufacturer of Class 3 – 7 dump truck bodies, landscape bodies, platform bodies, truck and trailer hoists, related truck equipment and accessories.