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Smith Metal Works of Newark, Inc. was founded as a steel fabrication business that specializes in welding, fabrication, and machining. While general industrial repairs and custom fabrication remains a large portion of their business it was recognized that, to expand sales, it would be necessary to add a product line.

An opportunity arose to enter an ice control equipment line by producing the patented Harder Dump Box Spreader insert for dump trucks within their facilities. Quickly, after that, Smith realized that all-stainless salt spreaders were the direction the market was heading.

If you are looking for Smith replacement parts, visit our Smith Metal Works parts landing page. If you would like to become the proud owner of a Smith Metal Works dump body or spreader, fill out a quote request form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Smith Metal Works provides custom fabrication solutions for your metal works needs. Mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and other various metals will be used to create your custom designed solution. Most of their work ranges across various industries – including municipal, agriculture, food service, medical, manufacturing, and more. Smith Metal Works is happy to help you with whatever your needs may be.

Smith can construct Waste Containers, Laundry Carts, Conveyors, and Custom Fabrication.

Smith can construct Cabbage Corers, Vegetable Toppers (available in 4 row, 8 row, 12 row and 16 row), Vineyard Carts and Bins, Steel Structured Customization, Conveyors, Hitch Modification, and Bin Bumpers.

Smith can construct Custom Counters, Conveyors, and Dish Racks.

Smith can construct Railings, Tool Boxes, Truck Beds, Parks/Recreation, Schools, Custom Trailers, and Hitch Modifications.

Smith can construct Conveyors, Catwalks and Platforms, Briners/Mixers, Bin Dumpers, Railings, Safety Gates, and Steel Doors/Posts.

Smith can construct Art Creation, Framework for Various Art Structures, Railings/Custom Signs, and Plasma Cutting.


A progressive step for Smith Metal Works was the introduction of electric-powered pickup spreaders to replace the cantankerous gas engine powered units that had been the norm. Further development of electric motors in all versions and sizes of salt spreaders is gradually replacing hydraulic motor and gasoline engine power. A new-patented conveyor mechanism is “in the works” for future applications.

  • All Mini-Max spreaders come with dual electric motors.
  • Mini-Max 5/8 YARD & 5/8 PLUS include a mounted vibrator.
  • Mini-Max ¾ YARD & ¾ PLUS include a mounted vibrator.
  • “PLUS” models include hinged cover/top extension.
  • All Mini-Max spreaders come with necessary components for vehicle installation.
  • All Mini-Max spreaders come standard with Flip Up chute assembly.
  • All Mini-Max spreaders come standard with top screen.
  • Mini-Max 5/8 & ¾ YARD spreaders come standard with an Inverted “vee”.


#140-100 – Speed Control (spinner motor only)
#150-Z-201-36-96 –
Hopper Vibrator with Bracket (36″, 48″ & 60″)
#150-40 –
Chute Extension (drops the chute 8″)

  • All Series II spreaders come standard with top screen and Inverted “vee”.
  • Smith Electric spreaders come with all necessary components for vehicle installation.
  • All Series II ELECTRIC spreaders come standard with 12″ removable chute assembly.

(Briggs engine in lieu of Honda)

#120-40 – 12″ Spinner Extension kit to make 24″ spinner assembly
 – 12″ tall S/S top extension for 1 YD & 2 YD

#160-6-SS – 6″ spill shield
#160-12-SS – 12″ spill shield

  • All Series IV spreaders are 50 ½” W x 40″ H
  • All Series IV spreaders come standard with top screen and Inverted “vee”
  • Smith Electric spreaders come with all necessary components for vehicle installation
  • All Series IV spreaders come with adjustable 12″ to 24″ Flip Up Chute Assembly


#140-48 – 12″ tall top extension for 68″ & 96″ hopper
#140-48-9 – 12″ tall top extension for 9 foot spreaders
#140-48-10 – 12″ tall extension for 10 foot spreaders
#500-200 – Speed Control (conveyor and spinner)
#140-100 – Speed Control (single motor)
#160-6-SS – 6″ spill shield
#160-12-SS – 12″ spill shield

  • Standard units are 83″ W x 53″ H
  • HC (High Capacity) units are 83″ W x 65″ H
  • Auger drive option up to 16 foot
  • Auger drive option with sensor motor


  • Sensor motor upgrade
  • S/S Cabshield
  • S/S Access Ladder (specify side or rear access)
  • S/S Tie Down Bracket Kit (4), specify std capacity or high capacity
  • Mild steel Tailgate Latch Bar (specify 1″ or 1 ¼” round ends)
  • Stainless Steel Tailgate Latch Bar (specify 1″ or 1 ¼ round ends)
  • Lever Operated Door in lieu of Screw Jack
  • 170 Degree Swing Up Chute
  • Galvanized Hydraulic Pipes (passenger side unless instructed otherwise)
  • Stainless steel hydraulic pipes (passenger side unless instructed otherwise)


  • Dual Speed Control in lieu of spinner control
  • 12″ top extension – all models
  • Door – screw jack operated in lieu of handle
  • Galvanized hydraulic pipes
  • Stainless Steel hydraulic pipes
  • Stainless Steel “clip over” tie down brackets (4)
  • Stainless Steel tailgate latch bar, specify round stock size
  • Mild Steel tailgate latch bar, specify round stock size
  • Stainless Steel catwalks for 8 ft., 9 ft. or 10 ft.
  • Spill Shield – 12″ UP 12″ OUT (for front or rear)
  • Custom S/S cabshield
  • S/S light box (6 x 6 x 3) 4 ½” hole


  1. 8 foot with 7 inch auger (non-sensor motor).


  1. 10 foot with 7 inch auger (non-sensor motor).


  1. 12 foot with 7 inch auger (non-sensor motor).

*Units above come with Non-sensor motors.

  • Add for 60-pulse sensor motors.
  • Start S/N 12050 – Spinner Assembly is raised/lowered manually.
  • All DBAS Spreaders come standard with galvanized screens.


  1. Direct-Drive Hydraulic.


  1. Chain-Drive Hydraulic.


  1. Gearbox-Drive Hydraulic.

Above hydraulic units have 6″ OD augers.

  • All 88″ units are the same price as 96″ units.


  1. Dual-electric motors and dual-speed controller.
  2. Electric under-tailgates have 4″ OD augers.

Options for Hydraulic Units (not eligible for discount):

  • Sensor Motor – upgrade, 50 pulse for use with rexroth electronics.
  • Self-leveling spinner weight attachment.
  • Trough-hung spinner assembly.

This is a small overview of the products Smith Metal Works has to offer. For a complete selection of their products, and a full list of details, check out Smith Metal Works’ website.