Smith Spreaders

Smith Spreader

Available Intercon Truck Equipment Services:

  • Equipping Smith Salt Spreaders
  • Repairing Smith Salt Spreaders
  • Providing Replacement Parts

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Intercon Truck Equipment not only can equip trucks with Smith Spreaders based products, such as service bodies and platform bodies, but will also work repairs on any of the Smith Spreaders based products you may already own.

Smith Spreader

Smith Metal Works of Newark, Inc. was founded as a steel fabrication business that specializes in welding, fabrication, and machining. While general industrial repairs and custom fabrication remains a large portion of our business, it was recognized that to expand sales it would be necessary to add a product line.

An opportunity arose to enter an ice control equipment line by producing the patented Harder Dump Box Spreader insert for dump trucks within our facilities. Quickly, after that, we realized that all-stainless salt spreaders were the direction the market was heading.

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Product Types

  • Salt Spreaders
  • Dump Bodies
  • Custom Body Jobs

Truck Body Types

  • Mini-Max Auger Spreader
  • Series II Pickup Spreader 
  • Series IV Pickup Spreader
  •  SSV Municipal Spreader 
  • Dump Box Auger Spreaders
  • Hydraulic Undertailgates
  • Electric Undertailgates