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UWS is a leading manufacturer and designer of USA-assembled truck tool boxes and accessories. Their products are built to the highest quality standards, offering tough and reliable storage solutions for professional tradesmen and truck enthusiasts alike. UWS offers a full range of truck tool boxes, transfer tanks, chest boxes, dog boxes and other truck storage solutions.

UWS is a Lippert brand. Lippert is a leading, global manufacturer and supplier of highly engineered products and customized solutions dedicated to shaping, growing, and bettering the RV, marine, automotive, commercial vehicle, and building products industries, and their adjacent markets.

UWS also offers a number of replacement parts to accommodate all UWS truck tool boxes. If you would like to become the proud owner of some UWS Toolboxes, fill out a quote request form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible! If you need replacement parts, include the part numbers in the quote.


UWS truck tool boxes are assembled right here in the USA and are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Each crossover truck tool box features UWS’ patented RigidCore lid, extra-thick aluminum construction and convenient operation from either side of the vehicle.

The Secure Lock crossover truck tool box offers you maximum security for items with maximum versatility in operation. It features two lockable twist handles that allow locking on either side of the vehicle. The handles also have a connecting rod that allows the box to be opened from either side.


A UWS aluminum storage box is perfect for keeping tools, equipment and other cargo secure and on-hand. They can be used as truck tool boxes or storage chests. Each utility chest features our patented RigidCore lid and extra-thick aluminum construction.


Aluminum storage boxes come in all shapes and sizes to provide secure, dependable storage in your truck bed, garage, shop, office or wherever needed! UWS offers small and large aluminum storage boxes for all kinds of cargo, as well as multiple finish options.

5th Wheel

Each UWS 5th wheel truck box is engineered to provide optimal clearance. They are designed to integrate with a 5th wheel hitch mounted in the truck bed and a 5th wheel trailer in tow. These tool boxes feature our patented RigidCore lid, extra-thick aluminum build and stainless steel locks.

Under Tonneau Cover

Each UWS under tonneau tool box is constructed with a low profile of 16-1/2 inches and an offset lid to fit under most tonneau covers and ensure unhindered functionality. These truck tool boxes also feature dual-twist locks for maximum security and our RigidCore lid.

Trailer Tongue

The UWS diamond plate aluminum trailer tongue tool box mounts onto an A-frame or straight-tongue trailer and provides reliable storage of cargo, tools and trailer accessories. Each trailer tool box features a RigidCore lid and extra-thick aluminum build.

Foot Lockers

An aluminum foot locker box provides a secure space for tools or other small items wherever needed. These foot locker storage chests feature convenient carrying handles and UWS’ extra-thick aluminum construction and RigidCore lid.


A UWS tool tote box provides a convenient way to carry tools, equipment or even just lunch to and from the job. These aluminum diamond plate tool boxes are constructed from extra-thick aluminum and feature a stainless steel carrying handle and latch for added security.


An ATV tool box or UTV box from UWS makes it easy to bring your tools and equipment along for work or play. UWS UTV boxes install with vehicle-specific hardware, while ATV storage boxes are universal. Both feature our patented RigidCore lid and extra-thick aluminum build.

UTV Boxes

UWS aluminum UTV tool boxes provide secure storage of tools and equipment out on your adventures. They mount into the UTV bed with vehicle-specific brackets. UTV crossbed and side-mount storage boxes are available for a variety of popular side-by-side models.

ATV Boxes

UWS aluminum ATV storage boxes can be mounted onto your ATV cargo storage rack to add security and functional storage for small items and tools. These tool boxes are constructed with extra-thick aluminum and have a RigidCore lid.


A side mount tool box from UWS allows you to maximize storage space on your truck. UWS offers truck side tool boxes, topside tool boxes and underbody tool boxes. All of these truck tool boxes feature extra-thick aluminum construction and are assembled right here in the USA.

Wheel Well

UWS truck wheel well tool boxes integrate with the layout of your pickup truck bed to add convenient tool storage over the wheel wells. They feature extra-thick aluminum construction, a RigidCore lid and three integrated drawers for enhanced organization.


UWS topside tool boxes for trucks are great for work trucks and flatbed trucks. They install on top of the bed rails, leaving the truck bed free for other cargo. Each topsider tool box is constructed from extra-thick aluminum for dependable strength.

Bed Side

UWS truck side tool boxes maximize storage space and organization within your truck bed, providing a secure, yet easy-to-access key-operated cargo space inside the truck bed rail. These side tool boxes for pickup trucks feature a RigidCore lid and extra-thick aluminum construction.


UWS underbody truck tool boxes maximize storage space on work trucks and trailers, mounting underneath the bed. They feature aircraft-grade stainless steel cables and extra-thick aluminum construction. These under bed truck tool boxes are available in various sizes and finishes.


A UWS drawer truck tool box gives you the perfect combo of security and organization for small items and tools. UWS offers drawer boxes as well as a truck tool box with drawers and an integrated storage chest. UWS also carries a wheel well tool box option with integrated drawers.

Drawer Boxes

UWS drawer boxes feature precision-injected drawers that roll on stainless steel ball bearings for smooth operation. A drawer box is perfect for organizing small tools and components, as well as keeping your items protected under lock and key.

Wheel Well

UWS truck wheel well boxes with drawers add functional storage space and organization to your truck bed, integrating with the wheel wells. The top portion provides a spacious storage box, while the rear drawers offer convenient small item storage.


A transfer tank from UWS is the ideal solution for transporting diesel and other non-flammable liquids to the jobsite. UWS offers several different sizes and styles, including a transfer tank combo option with an integrated storage chest. All UWS transfer tanks are assembled right here in the USA.


The UWS transfer tank toolbox combo equips your pickup truck with a liquid transfer tank for diesel or other non-flammable fluids. It also perfectly integrates extra tool and item storage space. Transfer tank combo boxes are available in multiple material and finish options.


Hammerhead-style transfer tanks have a uniquely narrowed base that allows them to fit in between the wheel wells of virtually any full-size truck bed, even short-bed pickups. They are available in multiple styles and material / finish options.


UWS L-shape transfer tanks provide secure and convenient transportation of diesel or other non-flammable liquids, while maintaining extra truck bed cargo space. The L-shaped configuration is compatible with many crossover truck tool boxes.


UWS rectangular transfer tanks enable your pickup truck to be a mobile refueling vehicle for diesel machinery or for transporting other non-flammable liquids. These transfer tanks are available in various sizes to accommodate many different truck beds.


A truck dog box is the safe, comfortable way to bring your dogs along for the adventure. UWS dog boxes for trucks are available in northern and southern styles, and offer an integrated storage chest option. Each dog truck box is assembled from aluminum, right here in the USA.

The UWS truck dog box is the perfect way to transport your canine, safely and comfortably, no matter where the road takes you. It is constructed from extra-thick aluminum to keep your dog well-protected from injury and the elements, and it features a stainless steel lock handle for added security.


UWS offers truck accessories such as aluminum cargo carriers with as-needed, hitch-mounted convenience, as well as an aluminum ladder racks.

Cargo Management

UWS cargo management solutions include hitch cargo carriers, truck bed ladder racks and more. These additional storage solutions make it easy to fully equip your truck for the job ahead.

Replacement Parts

UWS tool box replacement parts are available for all styles of truck boxes and storage chests; offering replacement keys, lock cylinders, gas struts, tool box antennas, gaskets, hardware and much more.

This is a small overview of the products that UWS has to offer. For a complete selection of their products, and a full list of details, check out the UWS website.