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Valk has stayed on the forefront of technology with the purchase of state of the art production equipment. Automatic shear lines, multiple spindle gang drills, 750 ton hydraulic multiple punches, a 750 kilowatt induction hardening and heat treating line, a computer controlled tempering oven, CNC drills, CNC plasma cutters, robotic welders, and automatic paint lines, among others, help Valk maintain the highest level of quality and production efficiency. Current and future projects will assure that Valk stays ahead of the competition with the latest equipment available.

If you are looking for Valk replacement parts, visit our Valk parts landing page. If you would like to become the proud owner of a Valk snow plow, fill out a quote request form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!



Valk Reversible Snowplows are designed for rugged all purpose plowing. The plow can be adjusted for discharging snow from the right or left end of the moldboard. Ideal for city streets, parking lots, or any place where low cost snow removal is required.


Valk One-Way Snowplows are designed for high speed snow removal. A smooth rolled, tapered moldboard permits fast, efficient snow removal with a minimum of truck effort. They are ideal for highways, shopping centers, or large open areas.


Valk XW Series Snowplows are designed for high speed snow removal from either side of the moldboard. The dual tapered moldboard design permits high speed travel as with the one way snowplows. Discharging snow from either side is possible, which makes these plows ideal for plowing highways, turnpikes, airports, and expressways.


Valk V Series Snowplows are designed for fixed position plowing while discharging snow off both sides of the moldboard. A smooth rolled, tapered moldboard permits easy, efficient snow removal with a minimum of truck effort. The plow comes equipped with an abrasive resistant nose guard, cutting edge, and three wear shoes. Fits standard hitches.


Valk’s “Ram-Free” gear reversing snowplow is activated by a hydraulically powered worm gear, which rotates the plow:

  • The torsion spring trip device allows the blade to trip over an obstruction until clear and then return to the normal plowing position.
  • The curvature of the moldboard is designed for fast, efficient highway plowing.


The Valk Handee Andee unit easily dispenses hot or cold mix, chips, sand, stone or cinders. It can be attached or removed quickly, and material flow is easily controlled by the included flow control attachment. The loaded dispenser can also be moved from one work area to another. 









Valk Viper Grader Blades are heat-treated to give up to four times the wear of carbon steel blades. Grader Blades are made from a special quality of boron-intensified steel. These blades are through-hardened, not simply flame or case hardened, to achieve longer life.


Valk Viper Snowplow Blades are much stronger and tougher than flame or surface hardened blades. This makes them the logical choice for the severe operating conditions encountered during snow and ice removal.


No matter what type of equipment or or job requirement, Valk manufacturers a dozer cutting edge that will meet the need. Dozer Blades make use of Valk’s exclusive Viper Heat-treated process or field-tested VKB-350 process. Available in standard and heavy-duty Combat sizes.


Valk manufactures three types of Loader Blades to cover any job requirement. Choose from straight blades, wrap-around blades or the super service spade nose blade.


The Valk Scraper Blade line is available in four models using the exclusive Viper Heat Treated process or VKB-350 process. Select from a 3-piece straight, 3-piece drop center, 3-piece with a 1-piece center or 4-piece interchangeable styles.


Valk rubber cutting edges are the answer to many of your snowplowing problems. Rubber Blades have no serious drawbacks, just plenty of advantages. To name a few, rubber blades are resilient and flexible. They resist road chemicals, moisture, and cinders. 

This is a small overview of the products Valk has to offer. For a complete selection of their products, and a full list of details, check out Valk‘s website.