A broad variety of tasks and projects can be undertaken with the help of a vehicle equipped with a Service Body. These types of bodies, most commonly characterised by multiple tool compartments spanning from cab to tail, on one or both sides of the vehicle, can be further customized or refashioned to meet the needs of the individual, or crew. Service bodies can be outfitted with Welders, Compact Power Generators, Cranes, Valve Maintenance Systems, Air Compressors, Hose Reels, Hydraulic Power Units, Hydro Excavation Equipment, Hydraulic Liftgates, and so on; additionally, they can be open bodies, like normal trucks, or they can be closed cabins with footholds for easy entry.

Altec is a great provider of products and services to the electric utility, telecommunications, tree care, lights and signs, and contractor markets. Since 1929, Altec has been a company committed to excellence. 

BrandFX truck bodies have been proven to deliver more than 20 years of reliable service, while also maintaining their quality finish and appearance, and providing long-lasting durability.

At Dakota Bodies Design Engineering is an important service in the process of manufacturing quality and effective bodies for every market. Whether you have a complete spec in mind or need input on design and capabilities the design team at Dakota is there to help; combining state of the art software with decades of experience

Today, aluminum trailers account for more than 40% of all recreational trailers. DuraMag‘s  management team drove that change by developing and marketing superior aluminum trailers that sold at steel prices.

PAL Pro Mechanics Truck bodies by PALFINGER are engineered from the very start of their design to both handle the forces applied by a service crane, and function as a efficient mobile shop for professional mechanics.

If your business depends on trucks, you can depend on RKI. Founded in 1911, RKI manufactures a wide variety of extremely durable, premium quality service bodies, and options that offer the best value in the truck equipment industry.

Challenger Stahl truck service bodies are rugged, dependable mobile workstations. These service bodies offer multiple compartments and large, open cargo space to provide generous storage and hauling room for all your work truck equipment.

For over 80 years, Warner Bodies has been the industry leader in building the toughest, most versatile, cutting-edge utility bodies in the United States, going beyond the cookie-cutter approach to manufacturing.