The most familiar form of towing is the transport of disabled or otherwise indisposed vehicles by a tow truck or “wrecker.” Other familiar forms are the tractor-trailer combination, and cargo or leisure vehicles coupled via ball or pintle and gudgeon trailer-hitches to smaller trucks and cars. In the opposite extreme are extremely heavy duty tank recovery vehicles, and enormous ballast tractors involved in heavy hauling towing loads stretching into the millions of pounds.

Necessarily, government and industry standards have been developed for carriers, lighting, and coupling to ensure safety and interoperability of towing equipment.

Historically, barges were hauled along rivers or canals using tow ropes drawn by men or draught animals walking along towpaths on the banks. Later came chain boats. Today, tug boats are used to maneuver larger vessels and barges. Over thousands of years the maritime industry has refined towing to a science.

There are many safety considerations to properly tow a caravan or trailer starting with vehicle towing capacity and ranging through equalizer hitches to properly and legally connecting the safety chains.

According to the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Association, more than 65,000 crashes involving passenger vehicles towing trailers occurred in 2004 in the US, jumping nearly 20 percent from the previous year.

In 2006, Master Lock did their annual study on towing safety to see how many Americans tow their cargo correctly. The study, Towing Troubles included responses from trailer owners across the country and found that while the majority of trailer owners believe they know what they’re doing when it comes to towing, most were lacking the proper education. Master Lock reported that 70 percent of trailer owners did not fully know the correct way to tow their cargo.

An important factor in towing safety is tongue weight, the weight with which the trailer presses down on the tow vehicle’s hitch. Insufficient tongue weight can cause the trailer to sway back and forth when towed. Too much tongue weight can cause problems with the tow vehicle.

Curt Manufacturing

  • CURT manufactures over 1,000 different hitch models, offering a custom fit for nearly every make and model of non-commercial vehicle sold in North America.
  • CURT 5th wheel hitches are available in a range of capacities from 16K to 25K.
  • CURT Gooseneck hitches are engineered to keep up with contractors, farmers and other hardworking individuals.
  • CURT’s electrical line is vehicle-specific, eliminating the need for complicated cutting and splicing.
  • CURT offers a wide variety of ball mounts, trailer balls, pintle hitches, hitch locks, pins and clips, and other hitch-mounted accessories.
  • CURT weight distribution hitches are available in round bar and trunnion bar styles, with a variety of replacement shank options to fit any size trailer.
  • CURT trailer parts and accessories allow you to keep your trailer towing in optimal condition.
  • CURT hitch-mounted bike racks and cargo carriers add storage space to your vehicle, using your trailer hitch receiver tube.

CURT is a brand of CURT Group. CURT Group is a leading sales, marketing, engineering and distribution company of towing products and truck accessories for all types of vehicles, from passenger cars to commercial trucks. The CURT Group family of brands includes CURTARIESLUVERNERETRAC and UWS. They are a team of more than 1,000 associates world-wide, with manufacturing plants in Wisconsin, South Dakota and Florida, and a dozen regional warehouses across the United States and Canada.

Over the years, CURT has designed, manufactured and shipped countless products, they’ve gone from one warehouse to twelve, updated their logo, transformed their look, and even changed their slogan; but, one thing that will never change is their commitment to their customers and their appreciation of their associates.

CURT’s guiding principle remains: the customer is KING and their associates are their greatest ASSET.

Hendrickson Trailer Axles

Hendrickson TRLAXLE

Hendrickson offers a full line of industry standard, low maintenance non-integrated trailer axles to fit a variety of configurations for the global, commercial and industrial vehicle markets. TRLAXLE® trailer axles are available in numerous spindle types, capacities and axle tracks, drum or air disc brakes, 12¼- to 16½-inch brakes and many READY-TO-ROLL®(RTR) wheel-ends, slack adjuster and brake chamber options – to fit either air or mechanical spring applications.

Hendrickson’s product testing and specifications provide durable, low-maintenance parts. The HCA® system features a robust design that has durability in mind. From heat-treated spindles to hardened cam heads, journals and splines, the HCA is ready for mile after mile.

Wallace Forge

The Wallace Forge Company was founded in 1942 by Emery R. Wallace. The company started doing Die-work and then progressed to doing custom forgings. It was truly a family business with Martha Wallace doing the book keeping and Emery Wallace sinking the dies.

In the 1950’s Eugene Wallace, Emery’s son, joined the family business after completing high school. Eugene Wallace shifted the direction from custom jobs to manufacturing its own products. In the 1970’s Emery’s grandson, Dean Wallace joined the company and was later joined by his own son in the 2000’s.

Wallace Forge Company is now a fourth generation family business and continues to develop new products in the trucking industry to satisfy their customers, and expand the industry. 

Redneck Trailer Supply

  • Axle assemblies and components
  • Electric and hydraulic brake assemblies
  • Suspension systems and parts
  • Tires and wheels
  • A-frame, swivel, dropleg, heavy duty, and specialty jacks
  • A-frame, straight tongue, gooseneck, and flat mount couplers
  • Single-speed, two-speed, agricultural, and electric winches
  • Towing accessories such as hitches and ball mounts
  • Body components
  • Chemicals and coatings
  • Lights and electrical
  • Hardware
  • actuating systems

With thousands of brand name trailer parts and accessories stocked in 20 branch locations across the US, Redneck Trailer Supplies offers all its customers a one-stop shop. They’ve got all the parts you need, from the most popular trailer parts to those hard-to-find replacement parts that aren’t available from their competitors. Trailer parts they stock include:

In addition to their great selection on everyday products, Redneck Trailer Supplies is always looking for special buys on new and popular products to help increase sales and profits for your business.

United Trailers


It took some time to get to the level United Trailers is at today. Over the years, the company has learned the most efficient ways to build a unit and how to perfect the production process. This has allowed United Trailers to expand its model offering to fit a variety of consumer and commercial applications such as landscaping, concession, construction, transporting of motorsports equipment including race cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATVs, and a limitless list of general hauling needs.

United Trailers are sold in the United States and Canada through an independent dealer network. Trailers are available in a wide range of configurations, from 5-Wide to 8.5-Wide, and from 8 to 53 feet in length. Tag, Gooseneck and Fifth-Wheel body styles are all available. United Trailers has prospered and grown by providing a quality product at a competitive price, and by expanding its network of independent dealers. United Trailers and its employees are committed to growing the company while maintaining a high level of customer service and superior product quality.



What makes Fontaine the largest flatbed trailer manufacturer in the world? The answer is really very simple– Customers. Their customers have made them number one in the industry. This legacy of leadership began in 1945, and the reason it will continue long into the future is just as simple– They never take their customers for granted. If you are already a Fontaine customer, you know what they’re talking about; if you are a prospective customer, they ask for the chance to prove it to you. In fact, more fleets and owner operators are earning their living with Fontaine than ever before. They know that Fontaine offers the best quality, the highest resale value and the most reliable performance in the industry–All backed by the best warranty in the business. They’re proud of this superior technology and what it means for their customers. However, they’re even more excited about future innovations. After all, your business isn’t standing still, and neither are they.

Ramsey Winch

Ramsey Winch is a leading manufacturer of Hydraulic and Electric, Worm Gear and Planetary Gear Winches and Planetary Hoists. Using advanced manufacturing processes, premium materials, highly trained engineers and production personnel, Ramsey Winch is today’s choice for quality, dependability, and endurance.

The Ramsey Winch spirit of innovation and ingenuity born when Claude Ramsey designed the first front-mounted winch powered from the crankshaft – and forever changed the towing and recovery industry – still drives us 70 years later. Everything they make at Ramsey, from their rugged, trail-proven off-road self-recovery winches to their durable, powerfully efficient industrial winches, is engineered to get the job done. Ramsey worm and planetary winches and hoists come standard with integrity, experience, quality, and trust. When it matters, choose a Ramsey Winch.

EBY Trailers

EBY’s legacy was born in 1938 when Menno H. Eby purchased a small woodworking and chair shop in Blue Ball, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and began manufacturing wood livestock truck bodies – a market niche where quality craftsmanship and the ability to provide custom features were important to the local customers he served.

Menno Eby Jr. joined the family business in 1971 after returning home from serving his country in the Vietnam War.  Menno’s innovative spirit had him experimenting with other materials, which lead to the introduction of aluminum truck bodies. It would later be realized that Menno was one of the earliest adopters of this material for use in truck bodies. By this time, Eby’s product line expanded to also include trailers and semi-trailers. 

Eby Sr. retired within a year of his son taking over the company. During the 70s, Menno Jr. pioneered the switch of the Eby product line to entirely aluminum. The early use of this corrosion-resistant material and the company’s innovative designs have allowed Eby to set new standards in aluminum trailers and truck bodies. In 1984, the company moved from its original location to a new, much larger and more modern manufacturing facility.

EBY is an industry-leading and highly-respected brand now operating 7 manufacturing and regional offices across 5 states. Eby trailers and truck bodies can be found on farms, at commercial operations, and traveling rural roads and highways throughout North America. Eby equipment is even exported internationally. Today, Eby remains family-owned and operated. With the continued guidance of Menno Jr., leadership was transferred in 2011 to 3rd generation Travis and Nick Eby.

Triton Trailers

Triton Trailers‘ lightweight and durable all-aluminum construction ensure their fully enclosed trailers provide a smooth tow for whatever equipment your adventure requires. Convenient loading and unloading capabilities get you off the trailer and onto the worksite, trails or road in no time. Available with spring assisted lift rear doors, side access door, and single or tandem torsion axles. Already loaded with top-of-the-line standard features, Triton Trailers can be crafted to your specifications.

Triton’s mission is to design, manufacture and globally market a full-line of premium aluminum trailers and related commercial products. They are growing their industry-leading brand by consistently providing high-quality products, superior customer service, and a steady stream of innovative products. Each and every day their team is committed to working hard, working safely, and having fun while continuously improving the products and services we deliver to their customers.

Liberty Trailers


Liberty Industries is a trailer manufacturer located in Fillmore, Indiana.  We build a variety of trailers suitable for homeowners and businesses such as dump trailers, equipment haulers, flatbed trailers, utility trailers, car haulers along with a few others.  You may scroll down the page to see our entire selection.

At Liberty Industries every trailer includes a high quality Powder Coat finish. Powder Coat is a much higher quality coating than conventional liquid spray coatings. Powder coating provides superior corrosion protection, higher weatherability, longer gloss retention and high impact resistance, making it the longest lasting and most durable finish in the trailer industry.

Powder Coat Logo

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