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In railway terminology, the term running gear refers to those components of a railway vehicle that run passively on the rails, unlike those of the driving gear. Traditionally these are the wheels, axles, axle boxes, springs and vehicle frame of a railway locomotive or wagon.

The railgear of a modern railway vehicle comprises, in most instances, a bogie frame with two wheelsets. However there are also wagons with single axles (fixed or movable) and even individual wheels.

Today, locomotives no longer tend to have separate driving and carrying axles, as was formerly common with steam locomotives, but usually have bogies where all axles are driven, the term running gear is (inaccurately) superseding the term ‘driving gear’ in some parts of the world.

Mitchell Railgear

Since 1978 Mitchell Equipment has been designing and manufacturing Rail Gear systems for the railroad industry. Their attachment systems are designed to adapt to a wide variety of vehicles. Mitchell offers a complete line of retractable Rail Gear systems that can propel vehicles on railroad track.

Mitchell offers a large selection of specialty Rail Gear attachments that can be used in conjunction with Rail Gear. By matching up a specific vehicle with Rail Gear and a series of attachments, a Mitchell \”Rail Gear\” system can be created. Mitchell \”Rail Gear\” systems work every day moving rail cars, replacing railroad rail or handling materials on specialty configured vehicles. Mitchell offers engineering and application assistance, factory installation, training and customer support through a worldwide dealer network.


Harsco Rail‘s origins started in 1909 with the foundation of Fairmont Railway Motors. Throughout the years, the company has grown with the times, adjusting products and services to meet industry demands. Today, Harsco Rail is positioned to develop and deliver new ideas for maintaining track structures around the world. With a broad range of high quality equipment, cutting-edge technology, and worldwide support, Harsco Rail takes care of customers’ needs for virtually all major aspects of track maintenance and construction. Delivering innovation and performance, Harsco Rail meets the demands of the track every day.

Diversified Metal Fabricators (DMF)


 See why Diversified Metal Fabricators’ Railgear is clearly The Industry’s Choice:

  • DMF rail guides and undercarriage assembly weigh less and the design is more compact than other models.
  • Fewer moving parts means less maintenance and fewer breakdowns.
  • Same day shipment of standard replacement parts.
  • All products are covered by at least a one year warranty (see warranty for more specifics).
  • DMF front railgear is mounted on the suspension and axle of the truck to support the vehicle the way the vehicle was originally designed to be supported — eliminating the need to build a reinforced frame.
  • Articulation of the rear railgear enables the vehicle to be put on the rail at a shorter crossing.
  • Greater stability with rear mounted cranes.

RAFNA Railgear

Rafna’s high-quality rail-gear is a rugged product which is easy to operate and will transfer your vehicle from road to rail quickly and easily. It has been designed for safe rail operation and a long service life with minimum maintenance.
Rafna designs rail-gear with the customer in mind.

The management of Rafna and G & B Specialties, Inc. believe that their customers have the right to a high quality product, a reasonable guarantee, and an honest and friendly service staff. With this philosophy in mind, G&B Specialties’ mission is to provide reliable, innovative engineered products and engineering services to the railroad industry with a skilled team of employees that are dedicated to their customers’ needs.